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We’re sister Jannah and Cristel

We live, we love and we laugh together as a team. We hold each other strong, work side by side and together we grow our team. Our core business is education and connection, to empower people each and every day who are ready to ride the essential oil journey with us.

Daily living with doTERRA essential oils is simply who we are, we cannot be without them, but that’s us. What do you want? Are you ready to be supported by oils? Do you want them in your home helping your family?

Pure, natural essential oils are life-changing, (it’s hard not to sound corny when you say that, but how else do we explain it?), it really is as fundamental as that. It could be for wellness and stability, for calm and collected, for nourishment and support. There is an oil for this, and that and so much more – what do you need oils for?

Are you ready for a new you - Living in a place of health and happiness?


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