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Daily living with doTERRA essential oils is simply who we are, we cannot be without them. But that’s us!

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These natural plant essences are truly life-changing. For us it has been on so many levels, we use them for moods and emotions, for hormone balancing, for skin and hair care, for better sleep (fundamental for all wellbeing), for low-tox cleaning, for natural first aid, and we simply couldn’t imagine life without them. 

We are mummas and nurturers first, using our oils every day because they work. We are also Wellness Advocates because we see and hear every day how essential oils have supported others. We cannot help but share the love and power of doTERRA essential oils.

What do you want?

 Are you ready to introduce essential oils into your daily? To have them in your home ready to nurture and support your whole family for health and wellness?

Essential oils are Mother’s Natures gift to us, she has provided what we need for food, for shelter, for natural medicine since the dawn of time and today doTERRA sustainably source, expertly harvest, scientifically distil and deliver to us the most pure and potent essential oils.

What does your family need?

Your lifestyle is different to ours, but we all want the same things. Stability, resilience, stronger immune systems, focus, energy, calm, health, and overall wellness.

Our core business is connection and education, to empower people each and every day.

We’re sisters Jannah and Cristel

Are you ready? Ready to join us in essential oil wonderland? Let’s chat

Whether you are a kid juggler, a worker, a talker, a runner, a dancer, a singer, a superhero or a soul searcher then you are welcome to join our team. We are all unique, a little individual, somewhat diverse and yet we all share our love of oils – all for different reasons.

You’re ready to get started and want to reap the rewards and benefits of a wholesale membership with doTERRA. Want to use Afterpay to get your first enrolment kit?
There are lots of individual oils and blends in the doTERRA range, but let us highlight to you the diversity and range of the Top 11 (we can’t just show you 10)

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