About Us

Frankie Forever is an essential oil business wrapped up in love, support and friendship.

We are Jannah and Cristel, building a sister-biz that brings heartfelt passion to all things doTERRA for better living. It wasn’t much of a light bulb moment to know we were meant to work together, as a team, as a sisterhood, and to share our love of essential oils with all those we meet.

We grew up in the hills of Mullumbimby, it was a fun, hippy, horsey, vegetarian, all-natural remedies and we have a beautiful extended family. Essential oils, natural therapies and a free way of life was what we knew best.

Fast forward, and here we are, we’ve had random life adventures over the years and have very different and unique experiences with doTERRA, but we both share a love of oils that is unquestionable – we simply couldn’t live without them!

Introducing doTERRA into our lives has quite simply been life-changing. Each and every oil is 100% pure and quality is paramount to helping our health and wellness. Oils help us with chronic pain management, moody kids, stress (and who doesn’t have that), balancing hormones, we get a better night’s sleep, toxic-free living is made easy and basic first aid is at our fingertips … and YES there is an oil to help YOU.

We stand by doTERRA because they are real, they are genuine, they are passionate about changing lives and helping communities. By supporting doTERRA we are in turn helping people all around the world. What’s not to love about doTERRA?

We also love to connect, meet new people, share a coffee and chat, and educate on the ways essential oils can bring you a better life. Here’s a little from each of us …

Working alongside your sister and doTERRA – what an awesome way to live, work, travel, explore, experience and have fun!


  • Hi, I'm Jannah and I'm based in Ripley, not far from Ipswich, Queensland.


I was looking for a better way to support my family’s health and wellbeing … we were at wit’s end with sleepness nights and cranky 2 year olds, with seriously painful injuries and intolerable anxiety, there were snotty noses and mummy meltdowns … but life has changed since I introduced doTERRA! Now we use them every day, Jacob loves his Wild Orange, Elliot uses her pink oils and Liam, well he is just a ratbag but loooves his oils too. The family feels tame (well mostly), we are more relaxed and definitely healthier for the introduction … I wish I’d found them years ago! They have been truly life-changing.


  • Hey, I'm Cristel and I'm in Bundaberg Queensland.


Oils have always been a go to in our family, but now we’ve met doTERRA there will be no others! Having oils in the home means we have a natural first option, and because they work wonders, we need very little else. My three teenage boys love them too and I can honestly say the “stress level” has turned down a fair few notches. Now, when I talk to friends or overhear people chat, I always want to butt in with a “hey there’s an oil for that” … And that is exactly why Jannah and I have started our oil journey … to share and educate. Every day we see, hear and feel the way these oils help people, from all walks of life.

We are 100% normal (wink wink), you get what you see, and BS is not our game, we are dedicated to the education and connection that an oil business deserves, and we absolutely love to meet new people, we’d also love to hear from you.

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