Free E-Books & Online Resources

“Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

Education is key to using your essential oils safely and effectively and there is always opportunity to learn more. The benefits, the science, the sourcing, the applications are all fascinating areas to learn more and there is a wealth of information available.

For all members of our team we gift the Droplii App for free – it’s a fabulous place to learn more, and you can even chat to us through the App. Users of Droplii also share their recipes, so you can rest assured everyone is sharing from experience and success stories.

If a good old physical book in your hand is more your style then please , however they have lots of information about each of their oils and blends, what to use them for, their history and much more.

Additional Supplies

Education is key to our sharing oils with you, however there are many ways you can learn. First up is to make sure you join us in oil world. If you have not already gifted yourself a wholesale membership, 25% off retail, with doTERRA then we highly recommend you do (contact us). Firstly, we will gift you full access to the Droplii App - a fabulous online resource that you can easy turn to on your phone. There is plenty of essential oil info plus lots of recipes, and you can even chat to us through the App. If you haven't got it yet, please ask for the link - it's FREE from us when you are on our team. Secondly, take time to deepen your understanding of oils - we highly recommend it. Empower yourself, become your own health advocate. Understand what works best for you. Of course, we offer our full support, but how powerful is doing your own research and understanding your own body and what it needs.

To get the best use out of your oils we suggest you get;


truly invaluable for quick reference. We use either the The Modern Essentials book or Essential Life, and the Emotions & Essential Oils – it is ahhmazing!


the Petal or Lumo Diffusers from dōTERRA are a popular choice, and often the best quality. We have others available on our shop now page. Always ensure you buy quality for best oil usage and that you are not overheating your oils.

Roller Bottles

they come in 5 or 10ml sizes and are a great addition. You can easy make go-to blends that are readily available for topical application. We would have gifted you a couple when you first joined our team, but if you ever want more we’ve listed a few local distributers below.

Spritzer Bottle

are great for face applications and cooling spritzers

Spray Bottles

are a great addition for making cleaning sprays, use metal or glass.

Bottles can be purchased from your doTERRA online shopping cart when placing a US order. Some online purchasing options we use include:



Essential Products

Aroma jewellery

Oils For Life Australia

Aroma Bottles


Labels for oil bottles

Body butters and carrier oils