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Are you ready to bring essential oils into your life?

“Are you ready to bring essential oils into your life?”

Are you sitting on the fence and wondering if you can make them work for you?

“And wondering if you can make them work for you?”

Are you still looking for answers about oils?

“Are you still looking for answers?”

We are here to help. Education and connection is key!

“Education and connection is key!”

We want to help you learn, we want you use your oils safely and effectively.

“ We want to connect, so you feel confident and empowered.”

Welcome to the world of Oils

All About

Whether you are a kid juggler, a worker, a talker, a runner, a dancer, a singer, a superhero or a soul searcher then you are welcome to join our team. We are all unique, a little individual, somewhat diverse and yet we all share our love of oils – all for different reasons.

Whether you are in outback Australia, a small country town, a large busy city or somewhere exotic, even overseas, we can still help you.

Our education is primarily online, through email, Facebook, Instagram and our website.

Where we can we will have a team member touch base with you to personally connect, so you can experience the oils as you learn. If you are “out of town” then we will certainly stay in touch online or by phone. Your ongoing education is so very important to us.

We can help you make the

Better Choices for

Every day we hear amazing success stories from people just like you who use their oils with astounding results, let us help write your story, what do you need support with?

Our goal is to make sure you get exactly the oils you need for the lifestyle and support you are looking for. Please contact us if you are unsure of what you need.

If you know exactly what you want, please see below and follow the steps. Or, if you would like to use AfterPay to get your kit please “Shop Now”

Get your own wholesale membership now

You have 2 options:

  1. Pay the $35 membership fee and select the oils you want to start with at wholesale prices
  2. Start with one of the enrolment kits and the membership fee is included


  • Select Join + Save
  • Choose your Country
  • Select Local (OTG) order
  • Select Wholesale Customer
  • IMPORTANT: Please make sure the ENROLLER and SPONSOR ID is 3465207
  • Select which oils you’d like to start with – either a kit or the $35 enrolment fee then add oils to the cart (easy to use the search bar to add what you are looking for)

Some Great Tips

  • Fractionated Coconut Oil for $16.50 is what you need for making rollers and diluting your oils (highly recommend this).
  • If you don’t choose a kit with a diffuser you should totally add one – Petal diffuser is $58

Enter Your Payment Details

We will be in touch with an email and to send your special gift pack with information + some other goodies

Welcome to a Wonderful World of Oils