Loyalty Rewards Program

 Earn yourself free oils with this generous, flexible, no hassle, rewards program

doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program or LRP as we know it is a monthly purchasing system that rewards you generously for your regular participation. You may have noticed that each product in doTERRA comes with a Product Value (PV) as well, this is essentially a universal doTERRA dollar. As we build PV points in our wholesale account we can redeem them for FREE oils and products. The longer you participate in monthly ordering the higher your percentage rewards:

1-3 months collect 10% of points back, 4-6 months is 15%, 7-9 months up to 20%, 10-12 months is a fab 25% and after 12 months you will always get 30% of points back in your cart to use on shopping.

Before you know it, you can fill your cart each month. It’s a great way to replenish stocks, explore new oils and try natural products from doTERRA’s wide range. You do not need to spend a lot to stay active on your account, and you also receive points back on all shipping dollars, e.g. every $8.95 spent on shipping = 9pts in your PV bank. You can choose to opt out of your monthly ordering at any time, just make sure you’ve used ALL your free points on product before you do.