Top 11 Essential Oils

Let’s step through our Top 11 for a closer look.

We call this an essential toolkit to life – support for everything life throws at you.


Frankincense is the king of all oils for a good reason! It has been around for thousands of years and helps us in many ways. High on Frankie’s agenda is cellular function and regeneration, he also promotes feelings of relaxation, reduces the appearance of skin imperfections, soothes aches and pains, and supports the immune system – he is your perfect partner


Lavender is your everyday go to as you can use it in so many ways! For restful sleep and easy breathing, relaxation and easing tense feelings, soothes irritated skin and itchy bites, relieves small burns, keeps your hair thick and scalp healthy, and can support the immune system


Peppermint is the ultimate pick-you-up and wake-you-up, it also keeps you cool, calms head tension, increases alertness, focus and concentration, soothes occasional stomach upset, is great for oral hygiene, repels bugs naturally, and promotes healthy respiratory function


Lemon is good for soothing an irritated throat and expelling mucous, it helps to neutralise odours, naturally cleanses and purifies your body, it is great for making natural cleaning products, is an antioxidant and detoxer, and helps elevate moods and is super yummy added to drinks or food – so fresh!

Tea Tree

Tea Tree is a natural healer and anti-bacterial, it is good for nourishing skin and scalp, soothes skin irritations, supports our immune systems, protects against environmental threats, increases alertness and concentration, and can eliminate odours in shoes, armpits and fabric.


Oregano is a must have for every home, but you won't need to use it very often. It is perfect for immune support when threats are high, it’s great for feet, toe nails and warts, supports the respiratory system, is a powerful antioxidant, aids digestion and is also cleansing and purifying.

Wild Orange

Who doesn’t love the smell of pure fresh citrus? Citrus has a stimulating and uplifting scent so using in your diffuser is optimal. Try a drop in your water or cooking for a super flavour burst. We suggest adding Wild Orange to your cleaning routine as an odour nuetraliser too.

On Guard

On Guard is the protector of your health! It includes Clove which is natures best anti-oxidant, it can eliminate airborne threats when diffused, it supports the immune system naturally, promotes healthy circulation, excellent in natural cleaning products especially surface cleaners, also supports healthy respiratory function

Easy Air

Easy Air is fantastic at supporting our breathing and clearing our airways, it helps minimise the effects of seasonal threats, supports mental clarity and can also support restful sleep. No more snore??

Ice Blue

Ice Blue is perfect for supporting joints and muscles. It is great for massage, even for kids growing aches and restless legs, perfect soothing blend before and after exercise, and helps ease feelings of tension


DigestZen is perfect for creating Zen in the digestive system. It eases discomfort, helps motion sickness and nausea, reduces bloating, gas, and indigestion, and maintains a healthy gastrointestinal tract

Petal Diffuser

This diffuser is small, convenient, and night-friendly with a far-reaching mist design to help purify the air around you. It has a 2 and a 4 hour setting. Diffusing oils in your home or workplace helps all the people in the building. Diffusing oils helps to eliminate environmental threats, supports our respiratory systems, lends us better mood management by reducing anxious feelings and tension, uplifts and invigorate, offers better focus and concentration and supports restful sleep.

Now, we bet that sounds like a whole lotta support in just 11 bottles. What does your home, family or self need help with? Why not start to look after your family naturally with safe, and effective solutions!

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