What are Essential Oils?

Having pure, natural doTERRA essential oils in your home is a wonderful way to bring in better health, happiness and low-tox living. But do you know much about them?

Oils are extracted from various parts of plants, like the roots, the flowers or the leaves and others from the seeds, or the peel for the citrus oils, but they are none-the-less, pure aromatic compounds that come direct from a plant.

While still in the plant an oil is its natural defence against bugs, virus, infections, and also an attractant for pollinator bugs. So, if harvested and processed correctly, us humans get to use oils in our homes for the same powerful benefits. Essential oils carry through and work on all areas of our body, such as the respiratory, muscular, digestive, and endocrine systems.

Now it’s super important that the plant is grown in a toxic-free environment. When essential oil is extracted and distilled from a plant properly the highly concentrated end result is what comes to you, and total quality is key.

doTERRA source oils from all around the world, in over 40 countries actually, and in each country they are working closely with farmers and communities to provide sustainable and ethical farming practices.

doTERRA CPTG quality ensures you are getting 100% pure, unadulterated essential oil


They are highly concentrated so a little goes a long way; these essential oils are 50-70 times more potent than the plant from which they came. For example, 1 drop of peppermint = 28 cups of tea


They are a safe, effective, affordable, and a natural alternative to many synthetic products/remedies


Essentials oils have been used for thousands of years and across many cultures, now it’s our turn

ways to use

Oils can be used in a number of ways; aromatic is to inhale, topical is to apply to our skin or surfaces when cleaning, and internally in foods and for improving our health …

Natural doTERRA Essential Oils

Essential Oils are pure plant extracts, taken from the oil glands that are held in various parts of the plant such as the leaves, roots, bark, flowers.

They are a complex mixture of chemical constituents Every oil has a differing chemotype structure, which is what gives them the capacity to support us across many areas of our health.

Are they organic?

Many of doTERRA’s essential oils are certified organic, others are ECOCERT, and some do not have any certification. The reason for this is because they are sourced from 43 different countries where requirements vary and, in some locations, the availability to certify as organic simply doesn’t exist. The measures to ensure purity and quality MUST go beyond just an organic certification.